What We Talk About When We Talk About Leadership: A Review of Research on Library Leadership in the 21st Century

Christopher Stewart


The literature of library leadership in the 21st century is as extensive as it is varied. Nonetheless, general themes emerge that reflect an evolving leadership imperative in a period of continuous change for the library organization. The first of a two-part review, this paper outlines research and research-related scholarship on library leadership published in the professional and scholarly literature since 2000. The review is organized within two broad areas: Leadership Competencies and Leadership Theory in Practice. Leadership Competencies includes work that explores applied leadership skills, leadership characteristics, and leadership and change. Leadership Theory in Practice includes research that connects leadership theory with library leadership challenges. Research in this area explores the intersection of leadership and organizational culture, the role of emotional intelligence in leadership, and transformation, situational, and managerial leadership.


leadership; transformational leadership; leadership and change; situational leadership; organizational culture, emotional intelligence

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5860/llm.v32i1.7218

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