Are Disaster and Emergency Plans Truly Complete?

Dunstan Newman, Nadine Newman


The purpose of this paper is to provide guidance or template to libraries and also other different types of institutions as to how they can complete, update or write their disaster and emergency manuals to include a section which specifically addresses roles, duties and responsibilities (RDRs). This research shares valuable information as writing RDRs can be challenging and time consuming.
The findings indicate that most disaster and emergency manuals are incomplete if RDRs are not included and this was evident from the vast number of documents and literature reviewed. Success in any attempt to have a complete disaster and emergency management process would require a section that focuses specifically on RDRs as this allows for better preparedness, training and continuity planning.
This paper provides practical guidance as it is relevant when completing, updating or writing disaster and emergency manuals irrespective of the type of institution. This paper contains new/additional information from a number of sources into one about the RDRs for members of a disaster committee in varying institutions.


Disaster Committees; Job Descriptions; Disaster and Emergency Manuals; Roles and Duties and Responsibilities; Disaster Management; Disasters

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