Results for Résumés: Managing Undergraduate Library Interns

Katy Kelly, Colleen Hoelscher, Heidi Gauder


The academic library can play a crucial role in experiential learning for undergraduate students. In 2011, librarians at the University of Dayton built on the idea of student workers and partnered with the University Honors Program to offer customized experiential learning through paid internships. Librarians work one-on-one with students from a variety of disciplines. With experiences tailored to student interests, the library setting becomes a real world laboratory for skills training within the undergraduates’ disciplines or career interests. This article will describe the variety of experiences offered, resources needed, and ways of measuring and assessing for an effective internship program. The authors will articulate how library internships can offer necessary skills for careers outside the library world.


internships; experiential learning; high impact educational practices

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