Rapid Organizational Change Through Servant Leadership

Corey Shea Halaychik


A change in administration at Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, created an opportunity for the library to achieve a much-needed shift in culture. The college’s library used the six servant leadership themes for team effectiveness identified by Irving and Longbotham (engaging in honest self-evaluation; communicating with clarity; fostering collaboration; supporting and resourcing; providing accountability; and valuing and appreciating) as a road map for organizational change. By focusing on making changes associated with each of these themes in step-like increments, library staff were able to revitalize and reform services and space to increase usage, expand the library’s physical and virtual footprint, better meet the needs of the campus community and solidify the library as “the place” to receive help on campus.


orgnizational change; change management; academic libraries; servant leadership

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