A Journey towards Sustainability: Viewing the Information Literacy Network of the Gulf Region through the Lens of P.M. Senge.

Jane Birks, Isabelle Eula


This paper explores issues in developing, leading and sustaining a professional development organization in the Gulf region.
Launched in December 2005, the Information Literacy Network (ILN) of the Gulf Region is an organization of librarians which supports and encourages student learning in higher education. The ILN aims to provide its members with opportunities to discuss best practices and regional challenges to developing instructional programs in information literacy.
The authors outline their experience highlighting the stages of development, accomplishments and recurrent challenges of the ILN. They draw parallels between the ILN and effective ‘learning organizations’ as defined by P.M. Senge in his book “The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization” . The authors in their dual roles as managers and leaders reflect on the application of Senge’s framework to the ILN to identify appropriate strategies and propose a set of recommendations to ensure that the continued development of the ILN as a true learning organization.


Professional Development;Information Literacy; Learning Organization; Networking

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