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Hakonen, Marko (Finland)
Hallford, Earnest W (United States)
Halvorson, Wade, Luleå University of Technology, Industrial Marketing and e-Commerce Department (Sweden)
Hansberger, Jeffrey T, Human Research and Engineering Directorate, US Army Research Laboratory (United States)
Hansen, Sean, Rochester Institute of Technology (United States)
Haque, Saira, RTI International (United States)
Hardee, Gary M., University of Texas at Dallas Institute of Interactive Arts and Engineering (United States)
Harrell, Sneha Veeragoudar, TERC Education Research Collaborative (United States)
Harrington, Johnathan, Institute of Digital Games - University of Malta (Malta)
Harrison, Andrew, University of Cincinnati
Harth, Jonathan, Universität Witten/Herdecke (Germany)
Heeks, Richard, University of Manchester (United Kingdom)
Heeter, Carrie, Michigan State University (United States)
Heller, Robert, Athabasca University (Canada)
Helms, Remko, Utrecht University (Netherlands)
Henderson, Julie, University of Florida
Henderson, Lyn, James Cook University (Australia)
Henderson, Michael, Monash University (Australia)
Henderson-Begg, Stephanie, University of East London (United Kingdom)
Hendrickson, Tinesha, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Hernandez-Verme, Paula Lourdes, University of Guanajuato (Mexico)
Herold, David Kurt, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)
Herold, David Kurt, HK Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)
Hinrichs, Randy J., 2b3d (United States)
Hollingsworth, Yolanda A., Middlesex Community College (United States)
Hollingsworth, Yolanda A., East Carolina University (United States)
Holz Ivory, Adrienne (United States)
Hoorn, Johan F., Center for Advanced Media Research Amsterdam, VU University (Netherlands)
Huang, Hui, Monash University
Huang, Hui, Monash University (Australia)
Hudson, Ken, Loyalist College (Canada)
Hughes, Rosemary B., University of Montana Rural Institute on Disabilities (United States)
Hunter, Dan, QUT Law School (Australia)
Hut, Piet, Institute for Advanced Study (United States)
Hut, Piet, Program of Interdisciplinary Studies, Institute for Advanced Study (United States)
Hynninen, Timo, Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)

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