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Verhulsdonck, Gustav, New Mexico State University
Vicdan, Handan, The University of Texas-Pan American
Vinter, Kristi, Tallinn University (Estonia)
Vorderstrasse, Allison A, Duke University School of Nursing (United States)


Waddell, T. Franklin, Pennsylvania State University (United States)
Wagner, Gert G., Berlin University of Technology, DIW Berlin, and Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin (Germany)
Walker, Victoria Lynn, Regent University (United States)
Walters, Jamie, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University (Sweden)
Wang, Alexander, Cornell University (United States)
Watte, Jon, Forterra Systems (United States)
Welch, Maura, WeeWorld (United States)
Wetsch, Lyle R, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)
Wharton, Annabel Jane, Duke University (United States)
Wheeler, Matthew, University of Leicester (United Kingdom)
Whelen, Susan Robinson, Baylor College of Medicine (United States)
Wickler, Gerhard, Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (AIAI), School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
Wigert, Benjamin G, The Center for Collaboration Science,University of Nebraska at Omaha (United States)
Williams, Maggie M (United States)
Winkler, Shenlei E., Fashion Research Institute (United States)
Wiz, Charles, Yokohama National University (Japan)
Wofford, Jennifer, Ithaca College
Wong, Wyatt, Forterra Systems, Inc. (United States)
Wong, Wyatt, Forterra Systems Inc (United States)
Wong, Wyatt, Forterra Systems Inc., San Mateo, California (United States)
Wood, Natalie, Saint Joseph's University (United States)
Woodford, Darryl, Queensland University of Technology
Workman, Kevin A., Millersville University (United States)
Workman, Kevin, Millersville University (United States)
Wu, Winston, Virginia Tech (United States)
Wurtz, Susan, University of Northern Iowa (United States)


Xiong, Li, University of Southern California (United States)


Yee, Nick
Yucel, Ibrahim Halil, State University of New York Polytechnic Institute (United States)


Zielke, Marjorie A., UT Dallas (United States)

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