Vol 2, No 3 (2009)

Technology, Economy and Standards

Issue Editors: Yesha Sivan, Metaverse Labs and the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel; Robert Bloomfield, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University, USA; Jean H.A. Gelissen, Philips Research, Netherlands

This issue of the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research is part of an effort to explore the fields of standards for virtual worlds. Working on such standards is both a technical and conceptual. This issue endeavors to enhance, explicate, and analyze various aspects of standards and virtual worlds, and was designed to give a voice to the leading theoretical and practical players within this arena. The issue specifically emphasizes the disciplines of economy and technology as critical harbingers to the endeavor of standards.

Table of Contents

Issue Editors' Corner

Overview: State of Virtual Worlds Standards in 2009 PDF
Yesha Y. Sivan

Invited Articles

Virtual Worlds, Collaboratively Built PDF
Philip Rosendale
World of Bizcraft PDF
Robert Bloomfield
Introduction to MPEG-V PDF
Jean H.A. Gelissen
Real Standards for Virtual Worlds – Why and How? PDF
Kai Jakobs

“Think Pieces”

Supporting Soundscape Design in Virtual Environments with Content-based Audio Retrieval PDF
Jordi Janer
On the creation of standards for interaction between real robots and virtual worlds. PDF
Alex Juarez, Christoph Bartneck, Lou Feijs
Universal Design for Virtual Worlds PDF
Alice Krueger, Ann Ludwig, David Ludwig
Lindman Design - Virtual World Experiences PDF
Ludvaig Lindman
Barriers to Efficient Virtual Business Transactions PDF
ArminasX Saiman
Content Level Gateway for Virtual Worlds PDF
Marc Van den Broeck, Sigurd Van Broeck, David Zhe Lou
Virtual World Interoperability: Let Use Cases Drive Design PDF
Jon Watte

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Immersive 3D environments and Multilinguality: A Non-Intrusive and Dynamic e-learning-Oriented Scenario based on Textual Information PDF
Samuel Cruz-Lara, Nadia Bellalem, Lotfi Bellalem, Tarik Osswald
Payback of Mining Activities Within Entropia Universe PDF
Markus Falk, Daniel M Besemann, James Michael Bosson
An Experiment in Using Virtual Worlds for Scientific Visualization of Self-Gravitating Systems PDF
Will Meierjurgen Farr, Piet Hut, Jeff Ames, Adam Johnson
Synthetic Excellence: Standards, Play, and Unintended Outcomes PDF
D. Linda Garcia, Garrison LeMasters
The role of interoperability in virtual worlds, analysis of the specific cases of avatars PDF
Blagica Jovanova, marius Preda, Françoise Preteux
Measuring aggregate production in a virtual economy using log data PDF
Tuukka Lehtiniemi
Another Endless November: AOL, WoW, and the Corporatization of a Niche Market PDF
Ray Op'tLand
Order and Creativity in Virtual Worlds PDF
Evan W Osborne, Shu Z Schiller
Standardization in Virtual Worlds: Formation of Hope and Fear PDF
Marco Otte
Machine Ethics for Gambling in the Metaverse: an “EthiCasino” PDF
Anna Vartapetiance Salmasi, Lee Gillam
Virtual Chironomia: Developing Standards for Non-verbal Communication in Virtual Worlds PDF
Gustav Verhulsdonck, Jacquelyn Ford Morie
Piracy vs Control: Various Models of Virtual World Governance and their impact on Player Experience PDF
Melissa de Zwart

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