Vol 8, No 1 (2015)

Assembled 2015

Issue editors: Stephanie Blackmon, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA, and Patricia Anderson, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, USA

Virtual worlds hold a tremendous amount of potential for research, education, and interaction. While the literature available on virtual worlds has increased over the years, there are still unexplored arenas as well as areas that require further conversation and investigation. Some of us are continuing to develop our avatars and hone our skills in virtual worlds, while  others are finding new ways to leverage the openness of these environments via unexplored opportunities within the virtual world. This Assembled 2015 issue contains selected peer-reviewed articles that start, and in some cases continue, discussions about the vastness and versatility of virtual worlds.

Table of Contents

Editor In-Chief Corner

Possible Futures PDF
Yesha Y. Sivan

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Alexandria - A Virtual Repository of Knowledge PDF
Joseph Michael Graham, Eva Comaroski
From Voxel Vistas: Place-Making in Minecraft PDF
Tyler Quiring
Lessons from Recruiting Second Life Users with Chronic Medical Conditions: Applications for Health Communications PDF
Jodi Swicegood, Saira Haque
Professors and Virtual World Professionalism: A Qualitative Study PDF
Stephanie J Blackmon
The Influences of User Experience, Aesthetics and Psychology in the Design Process of 3D Avatars (Theoretical model) PDF
Thomas Photiadis, Nicos Souleles
Gaming Experience and Spatial Learning in a Virtual Morris Water Maze PDF
Suzanne de Castell, Jennifer Jenson, Hector Larios

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