Vol 6, No 3 (2013)

Legal and Governance Challenges

Issue Editors: Melissa de Zwart, University of Adelaide, Australia; Dan Hunter, QUT Law School, Australia; Greg Lastowka, Rutgers University, USA

What is the proper relationship between the physical and virtual worlds? When should we pierce the magic circle? What is virtual property and how should we treat it? Do avatars have rights, and if so, what ones? And so on.

We have been lucky to assemble six fascinating accounts of how we might approach the laws of the virtual worlds. They are each very different, but they all expand our understanding of the intersection between legal systems and these new (game) world systems. They are worthy markers of the ten year anniversary of the field of law and virtual worlds.

Table of Contents

Editor In-Chief Corner

What Should Atomic and BITonic Learn from Each Other? PDF
Yesha Sivan

Issue Editors' Corner

Editorial PDF
Melissa de Zwart, Dan Hunter, Greg Lastowka

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Authorship in Virtual Worlds: Author's Death to Rights Revival? PDF
Sergio Roncallo-Dow, Enrique Uribe-Jongbloed, Kim Barker, Tobias M Scholz
Evaluating Consent and Legitimacy Amongst Shifting Community Norms: an EVE Online Case Study PDF
Nicolas Suzor, Darryl Woodford
The Iron Law PDF
William Sims Bainbridge
Blazing Trails: A New Way Forward for Virtual Currencies and Money Laundering PDF
Michael P. Bombace
Dutch Supreme Court 2012: Virtual Theft Ruling a One-off or first in a Series? PDF
Arno R. Lodder
Magic Modders: Alter Art, Ambiguity, and the Ethics of Prosumption PDF
Aaron Trammell

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