Vol 4, No 2 (2011)

Government and Defense

Issue Editors: Paulette Robinson, National Defense University, USA; Michael Piller, National Defense University, USA.

This issue includes articles from the 2010 Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds Conference including a review of potential usages for government, military and business organizations; the case of the Swedish Embassy in SL; the criminal justice system and a "think piece" on unconstrained global citizens. The issue highlights some of the unique dimensions of Virtual Wolds that relate to governments & military.

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Applied Virtual Environments: Applications of Virtual Environments to Government, Military and Business Organizations PDF
Patrick D. Allen, Chris C. Demchak
Virtual Nation Branding: the Swedish Embassy in Second Life PDF
Stina Bengtsson
MuniGov 2.0, A New Residency Requirement: Local Government Professionals in Second Life PDF
Ines A Mergel, Michelle Gardner, Pamela Broviak, William Greeves
Virtual Reality and the Criminal Justice System: New Possibilities for Research, Training, and Rehabilitation PDF
Bobbie Ticknor, Sherry Tillinghast

Research-in-brief papers

Avatars and Security Clearances: How can we reconcile the two? PDF
Michael P Cummins
Two Navy Virtual World Collaboration Applications: Rapid Prototyping and Concept of Operations Experimentation PDF
Douglas Maxwell, Steven Aguiar, Philip Monte, Diana Nolan
Creating a VW Killer App for the Department of Defense PDF
Roger Smith

“Think Pieces”

Avatars as the First Manifestation of Geo-politically Unconstrained Global Citizens PDF
Randy J. Hinrichs

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