Vol 4, No 3 (2011)

MPEG-V and Other Standards

Issue editors: Jean H.A. Gelissen, Philips Research, Netherlands;  Marius Preda, Insitut TELECOM, France; Samuel Cruz-Lara, LORIA (UMR 7503) / University of Lorraine, France; Yesha Sivan, Metaverse Labs and the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel.

This issue focuses on standards for virtual worlds, with special relation to MPEG-V, the ISO standard for connecting within virtual worlds as well as to real worlds.

Table of Contents

Editor In-Chief Corner

Managing Editor’s Corner: Celebrating Four Years and Planning for the Next PDF
Yesha Y. Sivan

Issue Editors' Corner

Issue Editors' Corner: The Current and Future Angles of Standards PDF
Jean H.A. Gelissen, Marius Preda, Samuel Cruz-Lara, Yesha Y. Sivan

Research Papers

The Metaverse1 Case: Historical Review of Making One Virtual Worlds Standard (MPEG-V) PDF
Jean H.A. Gelissen, Yesha Y. Sivan
Standards in Virtual Worlds Virtual Travel Use Case Metaverse1 Project PDF
José Manuel Cabello, José María Franco, Antonio Collado, Jordi Janer, Samuel Cruz-Lara, David Oyarzun, Albert Armisen, Roland Geraerts
Teleportation of Objects between Virtual Worlds: Use Case: Exer-gaming PDF
Marco Otte, Loren Roosendaal, Johan F. Hoorn
Assistive Technology Interoperability between Virtual and Real Worlds PDF
Alice Krueger, Margaret Grace Stineman
Associating Automatic Natural Language Processing to Serious Games and Virtual Worlds PDF
Treveur Bretaudière, Samuel Cruz-Lara, Lina María Rojas Barahona
Improving Reusability of Assets for Virtual Worlds while Preserving 3D Formats Features PDF
Rozenn Bouville Berthelot, Thierry Duval, Jérôme Royan, Bruno Arnaldi
Virtual Hybrid Communications – A Telecom Infrastructure for the Metaverse PDF
Vincent Verdot, Adel Saidi
Modeling the Metaverse: A Theoretical Model of Effective Team Collaboration in 3D Virtual Environments PDF
Sarah van der Land, Alexander P. Schouten, Bart van den Hooff, Frans Feldberg

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