Vol 4, No 1 (2011)

Metaverse Assembled 2.0

Issue Editors: Kathy Keeling, University of Manchester, UK; Nadia Papamichail, University of Manchester, UK; Debbie Keeling, University of Manchester, UK; Enchi (Katherine) Chang, University of Manchester, UK.
This issue includes articles from the SLACTIONS 2010 Conference organized by Kathy Keeling and her colleagues at the University of Manchester.
The issue also marks the Journal's move to a new website, it is a minor visual change, but major infrastructure change that will take us forward over the next couple of years.

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Students’ Attitudes in a Virtual Environment (SecondLife) PDF
Amal Alrayes, Alistair Sutcliffe
Procedural Modeling for Realistic Virtual Worlds Development PDF
Pedro Brandão Silva, António Coelho
Journalism in Virtual Worlds PDF
Ricardo Cruz, Ricardo Fernandes
The P.R.O.S.E. (Psychological Research on Synthetic Environments) Project: Conducting In-World Psychological Research on 3D Virtual Worlds PDF
Richard L Gilbert
Actual Self vs. Avatar Self: The Effect of Online Social Situation on Self-Expression PDF
Yongjun Sung, Jang Ho Moon, mihyun Kang, Jhih-Syuan Lin
Puzzles as a Creative Form of Play in Metaverse PDF
Cristiano Natal Tonéis

Research-in-brief papers

Self-Esteem in Second Life: An inWorld Group Intervention for Women with Disabilities PDF
Margaret A. Nosek, Susan Robinson Whelen, Rosemary B. Hughes, Erin Porcher, Giselle Davidson, Thomas M. Nosek

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