ArchHouseGenerator – A Framework for House Generation

Nuno Rodrigues, Luís Magalhães, João Paulo Moura, Alan Chalmers, Filipe Santos, Leonel Morgado


The manual creation of virtual environments is a demanding and costly task. With the increasing demand for more complex models in different areas, such as the design of virtual worlds, video games and computer animated movies the need to generate them automatically has become more necessary than ever.
This paper presents a framework for the automatic generation of houses based on architectural rules. This approach has some innovating features, including the implementation of architectural rules, and produces 2D floor plans as well as complete 3D models, with a high level of detail, in just a few seconds. To evaluate the framework two different applications were developed and the output models were tested for different fields of application (e.g. virtual worlds). The results obtained contain evidences that the proposed framework may lead to the development of several specific applications to produce accurate 3D models of houses representing different realities (e.g. civilizations, epochs, etc.).


procedural modelling; virtual environments; virtual worlds; house generation

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