ExtSim: A Flexible Data Mapping and Synchronization Middleware for Scientific Visualization in Virtual Worlds

Johan Berntsson, Norman Lin, Zoltan Dezso


In this paper we present a general-purpose middleware, called ExtSim that allows OpenSim to communicate with external simulation software, and to synchronize the in-world representation of the simulator state. We briefly present two projects in ScienceSim where ExtSim has been used; Galaxsee which is an interactive real-time N-body simulation, and a protein folding demonstration, before discussing the merits and problems with the current approach. The main limitation is that we until now only have been limited to a third-party viewer, and a fixed server-client protocol, but we present our work on a new viewer, called 3Di Viewer “Rei”, which opens new possibilities in enhancing both performance and richness of the visualization suitable for scientific computing,. Finally we discuss some ideas we are currently studying for future work.


scientific visualization; simulation; OpenSim; ExtSim

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4101/jvwr.v2i5.786

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