Some Remarks on Ontological-Cognitive Structures in the Metaverse

Luis Carlos Petry


Abstract: This paper aims to bring forth some ontological elements that we believe are fundamental to a wider philosophical basis of the Metaverses. We start from some indications presented by physical experiments which reproduce virtual environments in real time, searching for its eidetic-methodological relations with genetic epistemology and construtivism, showing that the structures of physical interfaces, which are founded in virtual experiments, dialogging with the concepts of body, mind, projection, cognition, and other concepts, which are present in the possible formulation of an ontology of the virtual worlds and the Metaverses. We conclude the paper with the idea of the necessity to think the issue of the ontological fundamentation of cyberspace and its metaverses.


Ontology; Metaverse; Metaphysics; Constructivism; Ground

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