A Cross-Case Analysis of Possible Facial Emotion Extraction Methods that Could Be Used in Second Life - Pre Experimental Work

Shahnaz Kamberi


This research-in-brief compares – based on documentation and web sites information -- findings of three different facial emotion extraction methods and puts forward possibilities of implementing the methods to Second Life. The motivation for the research stemmed from a literature review which indicated that current virtual communication tools did not satisfy users. The review showed that people preferred real-life like communication in virtual environments due to higher immersion and better user experience. Research revealed three methods used to create avatar facial expressiveness using facial emotion extraction. The three methods found were:

  1. Extracting emotion through user texts to apply to avatar facial features in real-time
  2. Using Microsoft’s Kinect technology to capture user facial motion to apply to the avatars’ in real-time
  3. Extracting emotion through video capture of user’s facial expressions via webcam in real-time.

This research analyzed the three methods in terms of implementation, integration and feasibility in Second Life.


emotion extraction technology; facial animation; virtual worlds; Second Life; information accountability; facial expression/expressiveness; facial emotion extraction

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4101/jvwr.v5i3.6270

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