Virtual Reality and the Criminal Justice System: New Possibilities for Research, Training, and Rehabilitation

Bobbie Ticknor, Sherry Tillinghast


Virtual reality systems are used to achieve a broad range of goals in a variety of fields of study.  The criminal justice system can benefit from this rapidly expanding technology in three specific ways.  First, the issues of experimental control and problematic research methodologies can be addressed.  Second, both practitioners and offenders can benefit from training within virtual environments.  Third, rehabilitation efforts can be improved by providing offenders a safe and controlled environment for treatment. With dwindling resources and increasing correctional populations, virtual reality offers cost-efficient and effective means of addressing the diverse needs of the criminal justice system.


virtual reality; technology; experimental control, methodology; training; rehabilitation; treatment; CBT; special populations; exposure therapy; aversion therapy; PTSD; anxiety disorder; female offenders; sex offenders; veterans; substance abuse; ADHD

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