Journal of Research on Women and Gender

The Journal of Research on Women and Gender is a peer-reviewed online electronic publication. The mission of the Journal is to promote critical dialogue about the experiences of women and persons of various gender identities in diverse cultural contexts. The Journal welcomes manuscripts that give voice to the unique and varied expressions of women and various genders. It is an interdisciplinary publication that welcomes qualitative research, quantitative research, pedagogical work, and creative projects.

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Vol 6 (2015): Journal of Research on Women and Gender

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Entrepreneurship and Gender Disparity in the Caribbean PDF
Paul Pounder
Paid Leaves as Buffer Zones: Policy Contexts and Work-Life Balance among Canadian Mothers PDF
Karen Christopher
Still A Man's World: The Gendered Experiences of Women Artists PDF
Marybeth C Stalp
On Subalternity and Representation: Female and Post Colonial Subjects Claiming Universal Human Rights in 1948 PDF
Rebecca Adami
The Language of Toys: Gendered Language in Toy Advertisements PDF
Patricia R. Owen, Monica Padron
An Exploratory Study of Female City Council Member Political Ambition in Texas Cities PDF
Darlene M Budd, Angelique Myers, Thomas Longoria

ISSN: 2375-0944