Vol 8, No 2 (2007)

Digital Curation & Trusted Repositories

Table of Contents


Digital Curation and Trusted Repositories: Steps Toward Success HTML
Christopher A Lee, Helen R. Tibbo


Nationwide Census of Institutional Repositories: Preliminary Findings HTML
Karen Markey, Beth St. Jean, Soo Young Rieh, Elizabeth Yakel, Jihyun Kim, Yong-Mi Kim
If you build it, will it fly? Criteria for success in a digital repository HTML
Kenneth Thibodeau
Motivating and Impeding Factors Affecting Faculty Contribution to Institutional Repositories HTML
Jihyun Kim
Metadata Use in OAI-Compliant Institutional Repositories HTML
Miles Efron
Services Make the Repository HTML
Robert Chavez, Gregory Crane, Anne Sauer, Alison Babeu, Adrian Packel, Gabriel Weaver
Building Relationships Project Update 2007 HTML
Jonathan David Crabtree, Darrell Donakowski
Government Archives and the Digital Repository Audit Checklist PDF
Bruce I Ambacher
The nestor Catalogue of Criteria for Trusted Digital Repository Evaluation and Certification HTML
Susanne Dobratz, Astrid Schoger, Stefan Strathmann
Automated Validation of Trusted Digital Repository Assessment Criteria HTML
Reagan W. Moore, MacKenzie Smith

ISSN: 1368-7506