Vol 12, No 2 (2011)

Open Repositories 2010

Table of Contents


Curation Micro-Services: A Pipeline Metaphor for Repositories HTML
Stephen Abrams, Patricia Cruse, John Kunze, David Minor
Building a DDC-annotated Corpus from OAI Metadata PDF
Mathias Lösch, Ulli Waltinger, Wolfram Horstmann, Alexander Mehler
Preserving repository content: practical tools for repository managers PDF
Miggie Pickton, Debra Morris, Stephanie Meece, Simon Coles, Steve Hitchcock
Archival description in OAI-ORE HTML
Deborah Kaplan, Anne Sauer, Eliot Wilczek
Diversity and Interoperability of Repositories in a Grid Curation Environment PDF
Andreas Aschenbrenner, Harry Enke, Thomas Fischer, Jens Ludwig
Institutional Repositories, Long Term Preservation and the changing nature of Scholarly Publications HTML
Paul Doorenbosch, Barbara Sierman
Repositories post 2010: embracing heterogeneity in AWE, the Academic Working Environment HTML PDF ODT
Peter Sefton, Duncan DIckinson

ISSN: 1368-7506