Vol 4, No 2 (2004)

Economic Factors of Digital Libraries

Table of Contents


Economic Factors of Managing Digital Content and Establishing Digital Libraries HTML
Simon Tanner


Scholarly Associations and the Economic Viability of Open Access Publishing HTML
John Willinsky
Re-visiting the Valuing and Pricing of Digital Geographic Information PDF
Roger Longhorn, Michael Blakemore
Emerging Tools for Evaluating Digital Library Services: Conceptual Adaptations of LibQUAL+ and CAPM HTML
Fred Heath, Martha Kyrillidou, Duane Webster, Sayeed Choudhury, Ben Hobbs, Mark Lorie, Nicholas Flores
Strategic Positioning Options for Scientific Libraries in Markets of Scientific and Technical Information - the Economic Impact of Digitization HTML
Andreas Geyer-Schulz, Andreas Neumann, Annika Heitmann, Karsten Stroborn
Counting the Costs of Digital Preservation: Is Repository Storage Affordable? PDF
Stephen Chapman
Building a Business Plan for DSpace, MIT Libraries' Digital Institutional Repository PDF
Mary R. Barton, Julie Harford Walker

ISSN: 1368-7506