Vol 2, No 4 (2002)

Interactivity in Digital Libraries

Table of Contents


Interactional Digital Libraries: introduction to a special issue on Interactivity in Digital Libraries HTML
Anita Admin, Maliaca Oxnam


Experimental User-Centered Evaluation of an Open Hypermedia System and Web Information Seeking Environments HTML
Michail Salampasis, Konstantinos I. Diamantaras
Linked Active Content for Digital Libraries for Education HTML
David Yaron, D. Jeff Milton, Rea Freeland
Designing the User Interface for the Físchlár Digital Video Library HTML
Hyowon Lee, Alan F. Smeaton
Active Netlib: An Active Mathematical Software Collection for Inquiry-based Computational Science and Engineering Education HTML
Shirley Moore, A. J. Baker, Jack Dongarra, Christian Halloy, Chung Ng
Federated Searching Interface Techniques for Heterogeneous OAI Repositories HTML
Xiaoming Liu, Kurt Maly, Mohammad Zubair, Qiaoling Hong, Michael L. Nelson, Frances Knudson, Irma Holtkamp
Atmospheric Visualization Collection: Developments in the NSDL HTML
Christopher Klaus, Keith Andrew, Gerald Mace
Virtual Telescopes in Education HTML
Susan Hoban, Marie desJardins, Nora Farrell, Priyang Rathod, Joel Sachs, Suryakant Sansare, Yelena Yesha, John Keating, Bart Busschots, Johanna Means, Gilbert Clark, Louuis Mayo, Willard Smith
Thematic Real-time Environmental Distributed Data Services (THREDDS): Incorporating Interactive Analysis Tools into NSDL HTML
Ben Domenico, John Caron, Ethan Davis, Robb Kambic, Stefano Nativi
Digital Archive Network for Anthropology HTML
Jeffrey T. Clark, Brian M. Slator, James E. Landrum, III, Richard Frovarp, Aaron Bergstrom, Sanjay Ramaswamy, William Jockheck

ISSN: 1368-7506