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by leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-31)

DWTS corsets wholesale Season 23: Week 6 Latin Week Costume Critique I didn't care for her outfit. It was too ‘cutsie' for me. The odd-rhinestoned detailing was not attractive on the yoke of her skirt, although the fringe created a ‘V' pattern on the hem of her skirt, which is more flattering than a strictly horizontal pattern. I will miss Maks and Amber, partially because it was interesting to see how the show's costume department successfully or unsuccessfully costumed Amber. As a costume/fashion designer of custom dance costumes at Satin Stitches, I know that some designs work better on paper than in reality, and vice versa. And it takes talent in my business, to mold the designs that start on paper to become even better on a dancer or on an entire dance team.

NASCAR leotards accompanied Pit Bull during wholesale halloween costumes his opening performance with his dancers and the Pro ladies for this week's "Dancing with the Stars, Latin Night". The opening costuming featured black and white checkerboard fabric similar to a current team project of ours this month, here at Satin Stitches! (No, I can't give you a preview!) Ryan and Cheryl started out the competition, dancing a sassy Salsa wearing neon yellow costumes. Ryan's shirt and side stripes on his white trousers coordinated with Cheryl's yellow and white organza ruffled skirt. His ensemble seemed a little ‘roomy' but soon, Cheryl ripped off his pants and shirt to reveal plain swim shorts and unattractive knee pads. Cheryl's Salsa ruffles were then ripped off to reveal a skimpy skirt adorned with multi-colored fringed tufts and large paillettes (sequins) that coordinated with her yellow trimmed, white 50's inspired bra-top. I didn't know Ryan's costume would be transformed. But I did see the multi-colored fringe tufts under Cheryl's skirt, so I was prepared for, and expected ‘the reveal'. Did I love their costumes? NO, but it was a fun gimmick.

Terra and Sasha wholesale christmas costumes then presented a Paso Doble with Terra in a nearly floor length apple peel ruffled, metallic/sequined skirt with matching bodice. At first I thought the proportion wasn't right – that the skirt was too long for her, but as she danced, I decided that I liked the proportion. Sasha seemed to be wearing a retro-styled black, one-piece, sleeveless jumpsuit with plain, purple layered circle-ruffled sleeves. I liked their coordinating costumes a lot. Amber and Maks danced the Cha Cha in fun costumes. I truly enjoyed Maks' high-rise black pin-striped trousers with suspenders and basic collarless shirt. It was simple, yet slightly ‘costumey'. Pairing with his pinstripes, Amber wore a totally bejeweled, bright red tailcoat with black lapels and cuffs, over a black leotard. The absolutely perfectly tailored fit of her tailcoat really impressed me. It fit her ‘like a glove', giving off a tailored, sophisticated vibe. Oh, so classy! This is my first perfect 10 costume this week.

My second perfect 10 goes to James and Sharna, in their Rumba costumes. Expensive, exquisite beaded and embroidered lace mesh was featured in James' shirt and Sharna's entire costume, in a luscious deep/dark teal blue (at least that's the color that my monitor showed me). Both costumes were classy and sophisticated and beautifully designed. James wore traditional tuxedo trousers and cummerbund. Do the clothes make the man? Yes, and sometimes the shirt makes the outfit! Sharna's skimpy costume included a beautiful draped section that didn't balloon out, when dancing, that could have disguised her svelte figure. My third perfect score of 10 goes to Marilu and Derek who looked adorable in their bright pink Cha Cha costumes. Derek stayed simple with his untrimmed bright pink shirt, worn with basic black pants with shiny black belt. Marilu was un-fussy (last week I thought her costume to be too much) in her modest and tasteful costume, with just a touch of nude mesh on her upper neckline. The rhinestoning and beaded fringe detailing were impeccable. Perfect for any age, but especially flattering on an older dancer. Then Jana and Gleb danced a decidedly HOT Argentine Tango. So hot, in fact, that they needed to cool off with an on-stage shower! Their costumes were relatively simple, with Gleb in a basic white shirt and black pant. Jana's sheer black lace costume, while glitzy with scattered rhinestones had minimal trimming with no featured lace scalloping, for example. The front looked fine, but the back included straps of nude elastic that were not particularly attractive, with the side view showing the bra area ending in the middle of nowhere – my very least favorite skimpy dance costume feature. Maureen and Artem then presented a Samba, complete with many accompanying dancers with many feathered headpieces. This was a little busy for me, but Maureen's 2-tier feathered costume was nicely designed. Her costume included sheer silver mesh with many detailed rhinestoned adornment, but not overwhelming for this petite dancer. I enjoyed the costumes' proportions and coordinating textures. I did NOT particularly enjoy Artem's pink blazer with rhinestoned edging on his lapels. It looked amateurish, especially worn with plain white trousers. Where Derek's and Maks's simple shirts came off as classy, Artem's came off as more trashy, to me. Calvin and Lindsay performed the night's second Argentine Tango. I enjoyed their costumes more than Jana and Gleb's costumes. Probably because of more detail in the lady's costume and Calvin's open red shirt worn with basic black trousers with a matching red stripe delighted my ‘eye' more than the much more sedate Jana and Gleb (their costumes, anyway). And Calvin didn't need a shower on stage, to showcase his dripping body. Some of us are blessed with more over-active sweat glands than others – sorry, Calvin. But as with Jana, there were many nude elastics across Lindsay's back. Laurie and Val closed out the competition with a Salsa. I liked the narrow rhinestoned banding on Val's black shirt – down one front and across the yoke, and then paired with silver collar tips. This detailing was classy. Laurie wore a modest 2-piece silver and white bra-top and little skirt decorated with silver fringe.