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by leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-31)

DWTS long gown dress Season 19 Week 2: Costume Critique My only comment from the Results Show is about the Pro-Ladies costumes, all in black, with nearly half of them with nude-lined black mesh RIGHT OVER THE BUSTLINE! Oh my, this was NOT a good look. Really, people, you cannot, NOT cover up the nipple area of a costume. If it looks naked from a distance it will look really risqué and, quite honestly, very weird! This is an absolute no-no!

This week we were treated to swimwear manufacturer ‘My Jam Monday' with dance routines incorporating the Stars' favorite music. I didn't think there was any major surprise in what each Star presented, did you? Randy and Karina started off this week's competition with a Cha Cha. Randy wore an Army uniform that looked pretty realistic to me. It was made of woven khaki and Randy looked manly. Karina wore a retro 1940's looking ‘pin up girl' yellow swimsuit with large black polka dots with tassels. Black ruffles and black beaded appliques also embellished her so-so costume.

Janel and Val next danced the Fox costume manufacturer Trot with very elegant attire. Val donned a classic, traditional black tuxedo with white shirt, vest and cravat (a really nice touch!). Janel was oh, so elegant in her sheer border-embroidered lace dirndl skirt with fully encrusted bodice (with touches of pearls and golden glitz) with draped pearl trim on her back. Unlike Karina's costume, she had ‘real' straps, and this duo was one of my favorite costumed couples this week, rating a solid 10 for both costumes. This couple could have been out dancing at an exclusive social club or event, not just dancing at a ballroom competition.

Lea and Artem danced the Jive and although Artem looked like a mash-up of current street and retro fashion, Lea looked fabulous! Lea wore a glitzy leopard printed dress, with real halter straps, over a red petticoat and dance briefs. With the skirt slightly longer in the back, she was classy and tailored, in her ‘costumey' outfit. Both wore red shoes to complete their looks!

Michael and Emma were so-so, in their Samba togs. I enjoyed Emma's fresh-looking white printed swimsuit (a sort of high-waisted/retro ‘bikini' with an actual halter strap) and I yawned at Michael's minimally rhinestoned polo shirt with white Leisure-suit trousers.

I winced, when watching Tavis and Sharna in their cliché 70's Cha Cha costumes. Sharna in her super-tight, shiny teal jumpsuit with bell-bottoms and neckline circle ruffles. Tavis' gold sport-coat and shirt, along with a white scarf and teal trousers was not up to DWTS standards for masculine tailoring, in my opinion. This ill-fitting costume caused me to question whether or not the men's costume department has ‘issues' with large guys! Or maybe the ‘Stars' limit/edit what he is wearing? In any case, it was not very flattering or attractive for him.

A better couple look was worn by Alfonso and Witney for their Samba. Even though Alfonso's design was recycled from another outfit worn last week (check out Artem's jacket), it looked ‘OK'. Witney's sexy costume was classy…not trashy, even though it incorporated lots of large black fishnet (some discretely lined for modesty. I enjoyed the geometric blue strapping, and also the ‘tufts' of beaded fringe that were incorporated into her skirt. This was a dynamite costume!

Bethany and Derek danced the Fox Trot in another attractive couple costume. While Derek's was minimal, it was appropriate and could be mimicked by any amateur ballroom guy, with adding a suspender, tie and sleeve garter to his basic black shirt and pant, to match his partner's dress. Bethany's burgundy costume with charmeuse satin skirt and tone-on-tone rhinestone trimmed dress was attractive, although the lowered waistline seemed a little low-slung. Their costumes coordinated well with each other, without being too fussy.

My absolutely favorite ‘Star' makeover this week was Betsey's total transformion from a tragically dated Cyndi Lauper wannabe to an elegant woman of a certain age. Bravo, Tony, for influencing Betsey to transform herself for their Fox Trot! Betsey looked classy in her black glitzy off the shoulder dress which featured a black satin skirt and pale pink petticoat and was accessorized with fuchsia rhinestoned trim, a hot pink belt and diamond (OK-rhinestoned) bracelets and earnings. Her look was topped off with a fabulous up-do and ‘suitable' makeup. Tony coordinated well with his sophisticated. classic black suit with tuxedo side-stripes on his trousers. They both looked elegantly timeless. They rated as another of my favorite costumed couples this week.

But not to be outdone, Antonio and Cheryl danced the Rumba in fabulous costumes. Antonio was suitably sexy in his black untucked and open shirt, worn with well-cut black tuxedo pants. Cheryl's uniquely sophisticated Rumba costume was top-notch! I loved the panty-line cut of the skirt on the one side, plunging to the ankle length on the other. So dramatic and artfully done. The deep ‘V" of her front bodice was decorated with a fabulous faux necklace and discrete mesh. The back incorporated discrete elastic to hold the bodice in place. Overall, this was an absolutely stunning dress.

Even though it was cut VERY LOW in areas, I also loved Peta's Salsa costume. It had several colors incorporated into the criss-crossing details and back butt ruffles. But, unlike all the colors that I disliked on Sadie's costume last week, Peta's multi-colored costume worked! They coordinated well and didn't fight each other. They made sense! The mish-mash of too many colors last week, did NOT make sense. Tommy was pretty boring with his matching hot pink charmeuse satin shirt, paired with his Leisure-suit white pants UNTIL he ripped open his shirt for that WOW factor! (Like, wow, man!)

Jonathan and Allison danced the Cha Cha with Jonathan trying for an ‘edgy' shirt-look, with a black leather shoulder yoke and then gold satin tie. This look could be worn by ‘any guy, USA'. I loved Allison's gold beaded dress, with lots of textured nude areas. I loved that it was unique because of the vertical pattern of the texture and/or beading, and the use of a high collar and sleeves, only leaving the back very open and bare. Her beaded skirt was extremely asymmetrical, classy and sophisticated.

Sadie and Mark danced a Jazz routine to a country tune, wearing ‘Dad approved' costumes. Mark was totally boring in his white shirt, black jacket and black tight jeans. Sadie's cutsie country girl look was ‘suitable'. It was pretty boring, but the costume staff did nice work with the rhinestoned patterning on her gingham checked blouse. It was not the most dynamic look.

Until next week!