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by leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-31)

DWTS halloween costumes outlet Season 19 Week 10 (Semi-Finals): Costume Critique I also gave Janel and Val's Paso Doble performance a 9 out of 10. Val wore all black with an open shirt. His untraditional satin cummerbund atop loose-fitting black velvet tuxedo pants with satin side-stripes, complimented Janel's look. Again wearing long mesh sleeves with beaded lace appliques, Janel was classy and dramatic. Her high collar and simple swirling black charmeuse skirt were on point.

lingerie manufacturer china I am so thrilled that Alfonso could continue dancing this week and I wish him, as well as the remaining finalists, good health for the fabulous finale next week!

I was hoping for a repeat of last week underwear manufacturer china with so many perfect and nearly perfect costume scores. Unfortunately this was not the case. Although Alfonso and Witney's Argentine Tango costumes did score a perfect 10, they were the only couple to do so.

It was fabulous to watch Alfonso dance this week. After all the hype that he may not be able to finish the competition, his and Whitney's costuming was the best of the night, in my opinion. I LOVED the masculine, matador look of his brown leather jacket with oversized golden and bronze sequins on the shoulder yoke. The geometric texturing on the surface of the entire jacket finished off the costume in a classy, manly and fashionable way. Witney's golden, gunmetal and bronze colored, asymmetrical, sleek costume had beautiful, golden lace detailing on her dramatic angled hemline. Her Cleopatra-esque necklace/collar was fabulous and the use of nude mesh was appropriate. Her costume was sophisticated and youthful.

Next up, with nearly perfect scores, were Janel and Val's white Argentine Tango costumes. The exquisite Bridal Alencon lace was beaded and applied to nude-toned mesh for a fabulous look. The placement of the lace appliques created sleeves and gauntlets which gave an aura of the 1940's, while the matching white fringe at her skirt's hemline created beautiful movement. Her partner, Val, wore a white tuxedo shirt fabricated out of a pique-patterned material giving it a unique, yet traditional tuxedo shirt look.

I truly enjoyed Tommy and Peta's maroon Rumba costume. Peta, with her lace trimmed neckline and arm-bands danced out of a white fluff ball of an overskirt to reveal a traditional Prima Ballerina costume complete with white petticoats and lace tights. Tommy's matching maroon brocade vest was beautifully textured and adorned with brass buttons. His white puffy sleeved shirt completed his Nutcracker-esque costume.

The remaining costumes were somewhat disappointing and each received an 8 from me. They just weren't up to the costuming level of last week's show!

Sadie and Mark danced the Quick Step, while Sadie wore a similar style to her costume last week. Her fully stoned elongated bodice ended with a tendril looking hemline (although it was attached to the underskirt), creating a deep zig-zag visual. The underskirt was a non-sheer, matte-finished, watercolor print of white, yellow, orange and red. To me, it was too busy and clashed with the texture of her bodice. However, the silhouette was right and the skirt flowed beautifully. Her modest front décolletage and low back neckline were ‘proper' for her. Mark added a matching print bow tie to his traditional tails ensemble.

Tommy and Peta then danced a Jazz routine. Tommy wore the traditional ‘every-man's' ensemble of black jacket, shirt, trousers, tie and fedora. Peta, on the other hand, wore a very non-traditional ‘catsuit'. Her tight and shiny black ‘wet-look' spandex unitard had multiple black mesh cutouts and was accented with red, fingerless, lace-up gloves, boots and center back vertical detail on her very open back.

Bethany and Derek presented a Samba with Derek in a peculiar nerd-like costume with striped suspenders over a blue plaid shirt and blue vest, complete with a dotted bow tie. For my taste, the outfit incorporated far too many prints, and the suspenders over his vest, was disconcerting. Bethany's multicolored, short print skirt was attractive, especially with the two different colored layers of fish-lined organza petticoat. Her costume incorporated a ‘real' halter-strap, a ruffled neckline detail and a sprinkling of rhinestones, but it also had a very distracting, wide nude elastic strap across her open back, in order to allow proper bustline control.

Sadie and Mark then danced the Argentine Tango, with Mark in a very ‘normal' vested pant outfit with of course, his favorite spats! Sadie wore an ‘interesting' design of green satin and black lace. It was a full-coverage dress; modest, unique and definitely not sensual or sexual in mood. The asymmetric cut and fuller section on the back kept my interest, but I wouldn't apply the term ‘pretty' to it. All-in-all, it was a successful alternative to sultry Argentine Tango costumes, for a modest teenager.

Another print was incorporated this week in Bethany's Contemporary dance with Derek. The pale blue, sheer chiffon fabric, cut into an asymmetrical skirt was fluid and minimal, as required costuming for the Contemporary routine. Just a few rhinestones accented her neckline, but again, there was an unsightly nude elastic strap across her open back. I was totally disappointed with Derek's costume. The requisite no shirt coupled with elastic-waisted Capri pants were an unattractive non-costume. Derek gets my one and only 6 for his attire.

Alfonso and Witney finished off this week's competition, also with a Contemporary routine. Alfonso was dapperly adorned with a glitz-less black trimmed, blue shirt, worn with plain black trousers. Witney's minimal costume incorporated an asymmetrical design with real straps and no nude elastic! Her outfit was attractive, but nothing special.

I'm personally hoping for less distracting prints and nude elastics! Bring on the finale!