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Why Are Type 1 Medical Penis Extenders The Best?

by Bathmate Hydropump (2017-01-06)

In a world full of scams, there are way too many low quality penis extenders on the market that are built using substandard materials. The underlying operation of a traction device is to apply tension (traction) to the penis in hopes of lengthening the penis shaft, however if a penis extender is not certified safe or has not been tested, how can you rely on it to enlarge your penis?

How a device applies "traction" all depends on how the apparatus is constructed. This includes implementation of components, the extent of technology in regards to its application, and most importantly, the materials used to make the device.

To ensure a penis extender can perform as described, it must meet a series of rigorous tests and pass essential requirements. These are the directives of European regulations, in which an extender meets consumer safety concerns and abides by health and environmental stipulations.

CE Certification

This is known as a CE Certification or Conformité Européenne which is defined as European conformity in French. A penis extender is referred to as a type 1 medical device when labeled with the CE mark.

What this means is that the extender you choose to use is a high quality device that is proven safe, medically endorsed, and has the potential to satisfy consumer expectation.

Global Recognition

The intuitive idea behind the CE mark is its global recognition. America and various other parts of the world recognize the legitimacy of the CE mark for its high requirements and renowned publications.

This enables a penis extender to be used all over the world, further proving its effectiveness and safety.

Be Cautious Of Imitators

Another form of the CE mark can be found on products distributed from China. This mark stands for "China Export" and does not hold the value of the European conformity. Both marks share similar traits, which can cause confusion when trying to identify the European CE mark.

Some companies even go as far as promoting the CE mark illegally. This is a deceptive tactic that portrays a positive sign. A device should clearly identify whether it is of Chinese or European origins and state it is a type 1 medical device.

Which Penis Extenders Are The Most Recommended With A CE Certification? A device labeled with the CE mark is only part of the whole picture. Accounting for safety, effectiveness, and comfort are the root qualities that matter.

There is a big difference between a device that works and one that operates comfortably. If a penis extender is agitating, then you most likely are not going to wear it and end up returning it.

Most CE certified device are extremely comfortable, unobtrusive, and easy to manage. Some lack the proper equipment to ensure that every man is satisfied with wearing the device, although there will always be exceptions.

Penis stretchers that use comfort straps instead of noose straps are better equipped to assist men in enlarging their biger penis size comfortably.

Two of the best penis extenders, either SizeGenetics or X4 Labs provide comfort straps that can be worn multiple ways to help men find a level of support that comforts their penis the most.

Low-quality devices have one setting using just a noose and that's it. That's why using a device that gives you a reliable approach to penis enlargement matters!

For more information about medically certified penis stretchers, comparisons of the best penis extenders, and general information, refer to this penis extender guide.

The key to success is the right info and finding a reliable source can be hard in this industry, but ultimately, remember to check for the CE mark when deciding to use penile traction!

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