Sport visuals and the print media in India: A comparative analysis of photographic coverage in leading newspapers

Pradeep Tewari


This research is focused on the use of sport visuals in the leading vernacular and English newspapers in India. The focus of the paper is a comparison across one decade of the 430 sports visuals from the 672 front pages of eight selected newspapers in 2001 (141 visuals) and 2011 (289 visuals). These newspapers, all Chandigarh (India) editions, were content analyzed and the results revealed a focus on the sport of cricket and an increase in the use of sport visuals across the time span of the study. This increase was both in the number of visuals as well as the size of the visuals, with the most growth found in The Times of India. The findings reveal the need for more balanced photographic reporting of sports and this commentary calls for Indian universities to commence with specialized courses and training in sport journalism.


Sport visuals, photojournalism in India, sports communication, sport journalism

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