Vol 4, No 1 (2017)

New consideration in security

In 'Russian Mafia' Dewayne Clemmons describes how this organization started and how it has evolved over the years.  It’s ability to easily adapt to a changing world reflects the strength of this organization as being very dynamic. As the Russian Mafia continues to effectively operate around the world, this essay identifies the operations being taken to counter mafia activities. 


Then William Baynard's essay 'Military Intelligence: Surveillance in the New World' traces the historical trend lines of surveillance in military intelligence history and its trajectory for the future. He states that robust advances in technology have revolutionized military intelligence capabilities necessitating a new perspective not only on physical reconnaissance but the legal and ethical issues governing its use.


Next in Cliff Crumley's paper 'The Role of Remotely Piloted Vehicles in Counterterrorism: Legal, Ethnical and Moral Implications', Crumley contrasts the efficiencies of using remote piloted vehicles against the psychological impacts for those who operate these vehicles and society as a whole.  As is well-known, the use of remotely piloted vehicles is highly controversial due to legal, ethical, and moral issues.  He concludes that once the ethical and moral issues are settled it will be easier for the U.S. to identify the guidelines for their use.


Aaron McConnell’s essay, 'Biological Disaster Response' discusses responses to biological incidents. As a biological incident makes for a good movie script, it is important to understand that this type of incident could happen intentionally or by accident resulting in an epidemic.  This essay suggest that having a response plan, that is effectively implemented would provide for an adequate response to a biological incident. 


Finally in Chrystal Hoelscher's essay 'Human Trafficking in Thailand', the tragedy of human trafficking takes center stage.  As human trafficking is not a popular topic of conversation, there are religious belief systems that provide a historical basis for its acceptance.  This essay looks at the scope of the problem in Thailand from several perspectives: economic, political, social and cultural with a desire to encourage more discussion about a taboo subject.

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Human Trafficking in Thailand
Chrystal Hoelscher
Dewayne Clemmons
William Girroir Baynard
Cliff Crumley
Aaron McConnell