Vol 3, No 1 (2016)

Intelligence and Security Challenges in the 21st Century

Four authors explore various facets of intelligence and security facing policy makers as well as practitioners. They present articles about the current and future climate of these timely issues.

Table of Contents

Inside Cover

Inside Cover PDF
William Baynard
Edition Introduction PDF
William Baynard


Emma Barrett Biography PDF
Emma Barrett
William Baynard Biography PDF
William Baynard
Declan Ledger Biography PDF
Declan Ledger


Military Intelligence: Surveillance in the New World PDF
William Girroir Baynard
Zetas Transnational Criminal Organization: Past, Present, and Future threat to United States Security PDF
Steve Eric Galarza
Combating Violent Extremist Groups in the Twenty-First Century PDF
Declan Ledger
A Model for Terror: The Islamic State PDF
Zakary Robert Watson

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