Vol 2, No 1 (2015)

AT HOME AND ABROAD: Thinking Through Conflicts and Conundrums

Looking ahead at Homeland and National Security issues offers distinct perspectives on relevant issues in Homeland and National Security from active members of the Homeland Security community as well as those entering the field for the first time.

Table of Contents


Emma Barrett, Biography PDF
Emma Barrett
William Baynard, Biography PDF
William Baynard
Joseph Plachno, Biography PDF
Joseph Plachno


Iran, Hezbollah, and Nuclear Ambitions PDF
Matthew Porter
The Rogue State of Iran: U.S. Policy and the Success of Containment PDF
Kara Zemlock
False Confessions: Reasons People Confess to Crimes They Do Not Commit PDF
Quentin Bushon
Vorovskoi Mir: Russia and the World of the Vory V Zakone PDF
Garret McDonald
Intelligence Operations in Denied Areas PDF
Jeff Cuddington

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