The Use of Podcast Lectures and Other Helps for College Students

Shannon Hankhouse, Lori Anderson, Pati Hendrickson


The purpose of this research study was to investigate the attitudes and behaviors of a population of students enrolled in social science classes at a medium sized central Texas State university regarding the factors associated with student’s use of professor provided audio lectures files (i.e., hereafter, podcasts). The research literature documents the increasing popularity of professors’ use of podcasting, particularly in the hard sciences, and it is clear the social science faculties are closing the gap. In short, the use of podcasting is on the rise. Like any other technology, however, the literature also suggests that more research is needed on student attitudes towards such usage, the effectiveness for learning, and questions regarding the reduction of student anxiety, particularly at the university level, as well as in the social sciences. This study examines a much needed area of research—namely, are students using podcasts? And, if so, when and how—moreover, what are their attitudes toward such professorial attempts to enhance education.

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