Campus Level Grant Writing: Leveraging Teacher Talent to Access External Funding


  • David E. Herrington Prarie View A&M University
  • William Allan Kritsonis Prairie View A&M University
  • Kathleen Kidd Proctor Katy Independent School District
  • Guadalupe Garza-Brown United Independent School District


There are countless things schools could do to enhance instruction and learning with more money. Without it many teachers learn to improvise, many grant opportunities pass without spend their own funds, or simply abandon good ideas. This happens even when grant monies are available but schools fail to submit timely, well-written proposals. This irony is not unlike that of the person who goes thirsty while water is available in the next room. The purpose of this article is to provide a road map for teachers and campus administrators to begin approaching every grant opportunity that addresses a relevant need as something that they can and should pursue. Among the most common reasons schools do not apply for available grants are as follow: