An Exploratory Investigation into Social Variables Related to the Use of Codeswitching


  • Emma A. Garza Texas A&M University- Kingsville
  • Guadalupe Nancy Nava Autonomous University of the State of Mexico


This is an attempt to investigate the social impact of codeswitching in the elementary school along a South Texas border area from the teachers’ perspective. The 278 participants where selected on the following basis: (a) they work in the same geographical area, (b) they are all elementary school teachers,(c) they have at least one year of experience teaching in elementary schools; and (d) they belong to one particular school district. The data was collected through the use of questionnaires. This research targets the area of social and cultural effects of codeswitching and the effect on the students’ communicative competence. According to the results, most teachers defined codeswitching as alternating between two languages. Teachers indicated that they codeswitch in the delivery of instruction. Most of them do not promote the use of it in their classrooms. Finally, codeswitching continues to be a controversial issue for those who work with bilingual populations.