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Vol 7 On Contradictory Christology: A Reply to Pawl’s ‘Explosive Theology’ Abstract   PDF
Jc Beall
Vol 7 On Contradictory Christology: A Reply to Uckelman’s ‘Contradictions, Impossibility, and Triviality’ Abstract   PDF
Jc Beall
Vol 7 On Contradictory Christology: Preliminary Remarks, Notation and Terminology Abstract   PDF
Jc Beall
Vol 4 On Expressivism and Retributivism in ‘The Mighty and the Almighty’ Abstract   PDF
Marc O. DeGirolami
Vol 2 On the An-Enhypostasia Distinction and Three-Part Concrete-Nature Christology: The Divine Preconscious Model Details   PDF
Andrew Loke
Vol 6 On the Nature of Human Persons and the Resurrection of the Body Abstract   HTML   PDF
Stewart Goetz
Vol 7 On the Role of Logic in Analytic Theology: Exploring the Wider Context of Beall’s Philosophy of Logic Abstract   PDF
A.J. Cotnoir
Vol 6 On the Two Consciousnesses Model: An Assessment of James Arcadi’s Defense Abstract   HTML   PDF
Andrew Ter Ern Loke
Vol 1 Ontology, Missiology, and the Travail of Christian Doctrine: A Conversation with Kevin Hector’s Theology without Metaphysics Details   PDF
Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Vol 1 Opposing or Ignoring Metaphysics? Reflections on Kevin Hector’s Theology without Metaphysics Details   PDF
D. Stephen Long
Vol 4 Orthodoxy and Incarnation: A Reply to Mullins Abstract   PDF
Thomas P. Flint
Vol 4 Ought the Mighty To Punish Blasphemers? Abstract   PDF
Christopher J. Eberle
Vol 6 Our Farmer Abraham: The Binding of Isaac and Willing What God Wills Abstract   HTML   PDF
David Worsley
Vol 4 Paul M. Gould, ed., Beyond the Control of God?: Six Views on the Problem of God and Abstract Objects Abstract   PDF
Lorraine Juliano Keller
Vol 6 Purgatory, Hypertime, and Temporal Experience Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jonathan Curtis Rutledge
Vol 5 Purgatory Puzzles: Moral Perfection and the Parousia Abstract   HTML   PDF
James T. Turner, Jr.
Vol 4 Quantum Randomness, Hylomorphism, and Classical Theism Abstract   PDF
Mark K. Spencer
Vol 4 Response to Four Good Friends Abstract   PDF
John G. Stackhouse, Jr.
Vol 1 Response to Marc Cortez Details   PDF   HTML
William J. Abraham
Vol 2 Response to Yoram Hazony, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture Details   PDF
C L Brinks
Vol 1 Responses to JAT’s symposium on Theology without Metaphysics Details   PDF
Kevin W. Hector
Vol 4 Richard Swinburne, Mind, Brain, & Free Will Abstract   PDF
Ted Poston
Vol 3 Rites of Remission Abstract   PDF
Terence Cuneo
Vol 4 Robert Jenson and Contemporary Metaphysics Abstract   PDF
James Crocker
Vol 4 Robert MacSwain, Solved by Sacrifice: Austin Farrer, Fideism, and the Evidence for Faith Details   PDF
Michael Hogan
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