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Vol 4 Divine Temporality, the Trinity, and the Charge of Arianism Abstract   PDF
R.T. Mullins
Vol 3 Do God's Beliefs about the Future Depend on the Future? Abstract   PDF
T. Ryan Byerly
Vol 7 Doctrinal Orthodoxy and Philosophical Heresy: A Theologian’s Reflections on Beall’s Proposal Abstract   PDF
Tom McCall
Vol 2 Doing Hard Time: Is God the Prisoner of the Oldest Dimension? Details   PDF
R T Mullins
Vol 7 Dormant Dispositions, Agent Value, and the Trinity Abstract   HTML   PDF
Samuel R Lebens, Dale Tuggy
Vol 5 Editors Introduction to the Fall and Hypertime Symposium Abstract   HTML   PDF
ㅤ ㅤ
Vol 6 Eleonore Stump. The God of the Bible and the God of the Philosophers Abstract   HTML   PDF
Richard Swinburne
Vol 4 Elizabeth A. Johnson, Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the God of Love Abstract   PDF
Michael J. Murray
Vol 4 Elmar J. Kremer, Analysis of Existing: Barry Miller’s Approach to God Abstract   PDF
Gregory Stacey, Luke Martin
Vol 5 Experiencing the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist Abstract   HTML   PDF
Joshua Cockayne, David Efird, Gordon Haynes, Daniel Molto, Richard Tamburro, Jack Warman, August Ludwigs
Vol 7 Explosive Theology: A Reply to Jc Beall’s “Christ – A Contradiction” Abstract   PDF
Timothy Pawl
Vol 3 Flint's Molinism and the Incarnation is too Radical Abstract   PDF
R.T. Mullins
Vol 5 Flint’s ‘Molinism and the Incarnation’ is Still Too Radical — A Rejoinder to Flint Abstract   HTML   PDF
R.T. Mullins
Vol 4 From Romans to Liberal Democracy: Some Questions for Nick Wolterstorff Abstract   PDF
Terence Cuneo
Vol 4 God and the State: Response to My Critics Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Wolterstorff
Vol 3 Grace and Free Will: Quiescence and Control Abstract   PDF
Simon Kittle
Vol 7 Guillaume Bignon. Excusing Sinner and Blaming God: A Calvinist Assessment of Determinism, Moral Responsibility, and Divine Involvement in Evil Abstract   PDF
Aku Visala
Vol 2 Hebrew Philosophy or Jewish Theology? A False Dichotomy Details   PDF
Samuel Lebens
Vol 5 How Modern Biological Taxonomy Sheds Light on the Incarnation Abstract   HTML   PDF
Travis Dumsday
Vol 6 Hud Hudson. A Grotesque in the Garden Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jeffrey E. Brower
Vol 7 Hugh McCann, ed. Free Will and Classical Theism: The Significance of Freedom in Perfect Being Theology Abstract   PDF
Daniel Speak
Vol 5 Hylemorphic Animalism and the Incarnational Problem of Identity Abstract   HTML   PDF
Andrew Jaeger
Vol 4 Ian A. McFarland, From Nothing: A Theology of Creation Abstract   PDF
Alexander H. Pierce
Vol 4 Identical Legal Entities and the Trinity: Relative-Social Trinitarianism Abstract   PDF
James Goetz
Vol 8 IGNORE THIS PLEASE. A Grotesque in the Garden Abstract   PDF
Joe Bloggs
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