On Contradictory Christology: Preliminary Remarks, Notation and Terminology

Jc Beall


The following are some preliminary remarks that will set the stage for my individual replies to Timothy Pawl, Thomas McCall, A. J. Cotnoir, and Sara L. Uckelman’s responses to my paper ‘Christ – A Contradiction’. In that paper I advance and defend a contradictory Christology which solves the fundamental ‘problem’ of Christology by holding that Christ is a contradictory being: it is true that Christ is mutable and it is false that Christ is mutable; it is true that Christ is immutable and it is false that Christ is immutable; and so on for other fundamental-problem properties. Familiarity with ‘Christ – A Contradiction’ (and also with background discussion including, e.g., Richard Cross’s discussions of ‘the fundamental philosophical problem’) is assumed.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.12978/jat.2019-7.352828273037


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