Introduction to Vol. 5



With this fifth volume of the Journal of Analytic Theology, we are trying something new: a rolling publication. As we present the initial offerings in the volume, they including five original essays, a discussion piece and a book symposium. The volume to grow to full stature over the next few months with the addition of several more original essays and a bevy of AT book reviews.


Our joy at presenting Volume V of JAT is overshadowed by having to note the loss to the philosophical (and wider) community of Marilyn McCord Adams. She was on our Board of Advisors, in the pages of our journal as a presenter of the Analytic Theology Lecture at the ARR, but more importantly, she was a valued friend and advisor to all the editors here at JAT. She was truly a giant in the field, and her loss will create an unfillable hole. Her contributions to philosophy are many and varied, but those of us who practice or aspire to practice analytic theology especially benefitted from her historically-informed and theologically-rich writings. She will be deeply missed by the editors and all who enjoy this journal.



The Editors