Vol 3, No 2 (2011)

Prof. K.R. Rajagopal's 60th Birthday Volume (Complete)

Cover Page


Arun R Srinivasa, Sivakumar M. Srinivasan    Editorial   pp. i-iii

List of articles authored by Prof. K.R. Rajagopal   pp. iv-xix

A.P.S. Selvadurai  On the incremental torsional stiffness of an annular disc bonded to a finitely deformed elastic halfspace pp.1-10

Brian H. Dennis, Weiya Jin, George S Dulikravich, Jovo Jaric Application of the Finite Element Method to Inverse Problems in Solid Mechanics pp.11-21

Madhavan L Raghavan, Kathleen Lin, Manasi Ramachandran, Aleko Nadareishvili, Ryan Amelon, Jia Lu Planar radial extension for constitutive modeling of anisotropic biological soft tissues pp.23-31

S. Zeinali-Davarani, L. G Raguin, S. Baek An Inverse Optimization Approach Toward Testing Different Hypotheses of Vascular Homeostasis Using Image-based Models pp.33-45

Maria Laura Martins-Costa, Rogério M Saldanha da Gama Simulation of wave propagation in a piecewise homogeneous elastic rod pp.47-54

John C Criscione On Modeling the Mechanical Behavior of Matter: The Continuum Assumption pp.55-59

James Casey On the derivation of jump conditions in continuum mechanics pp.61-84