The International Journal of Structural Changes in Solids

We intend this open access journal to serve as a platform for synergistic interaction among academic and research institutions and engineers in industry on all aspects of structural changes in solids.

Thus the aim of this journal is to bring together researchers and engineers whose interest lie in the mechanics and applications of micro and macro structural changes that occur (or can be induced) in a wide range of solids. Such changes would relate to phenomena in metals, ceramics, polymers and biomaterials such as inelasticity, solid to solid phase transformations, buckling and similar instabilities that can be usefully exploited, growth, properties of multiconstituent materials , ageing, damage and time dependent effects.

The range of subjects include (but are not limited to) materials processing (of metals and polymers) to tailor the microstructure of a material for desirable characteristics, Modeling and development of components and devices (such as shape memory alloys and polymers) that utilize field induced structural changes to provide a smart  response, especially focused towards practical guidance for scientists and engineers working in this area.

ISSN: 2163-8160

Vol 5 (2013)

Table of Contents


Ashwin Rao
Nhan Thanh Tran