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Philip, Neale A., Coastal Engineering Branch of the Public Works Department, New South Wales (Australia)
Philipse, Leo, Waterschap Fryslan (Netherlands)
Phillips, Christopher J., B.P. Petroleum Development Ltd (United Kingdom)
Phuong Dong, Le
Piche, Steffanie, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Pichoughkin, A.A., The All-Union Scientific Eesearch Institute of Hydrotechnics named for B. E. Vedeneev (Russian Federation)
Picorness, Miguel, Civil Engineering, The University of Texas at El Paso (United States)
Piedra-Cueva, Ismael, IMFIA-Universidad de la República (Uruguay)
Pierson, Jr., Willard J., New York University (United States)
Pieters, T., Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
Pieterse, Jelle-Jan, BAM Infraconsult bv (Netherlands)
Pietropaolo, Jill, Center for Applied Coastal Research, University of Delaware (United States)
Pietrzak, Julie
Pilarczyk, K.W., RIJKSWATERSTAAT (Netherlands)
Pilarczyk, K.W., Research and Development department of Rijkswaterstaat (Netherlands)
Pilarczyk, K.W., Delta Department, Rijkswaterstaat (Netherlands)
Pilarczyk, K.W., RWS, Hydraulic Engineering Division (Netherlands)
Pilarczyk, K.W., Road and Hydraulic Engineering Division (Netherlands)
Pilarczyk, K.W., Research & Development, Hydraulics and Geotechnics. Rijkswaterstaat, Road and Hydraulic Engineering Division (Netherlands)
Pilarczyk, K.W., Rijkswaterstaat, Road and Hydraulic Engineering Division (Netherlands)
Pilarczyk, K.W., Road and Hydraulic Engineering Division, Rijkswaterstaat (Netherlands)
Pilarczyk, Krystian W., Rijkswaterstaat (Netherlands)
Pilarczyk, Krystian W., Rijkswaterstaat, Hydraulic Engineering Division (Netherlands)
Pilditch, Conrad A, University of Waikato (New Zealand)
Pillay, S., Port of Richards Bay (South Africa)
Pina, G. Gomez, Direcci6n General de Costas. M.O.P.T (Spain)
Pina, Gergorio Gomez, Direccion General de Puertos y Costas (M.O.P.U.) (Spain)
Pina, Gregorio Gomez, Exper.Harbour Div. , CEPYC-CEDEX (Spain)
Pina, Gregorio Gomez, MOPU, Direccion General de Puertos y Costas (Spain)
Pinchin, B.M., Keith Philpott Consulting Litd (Canada)
Pincus, Howard J., Senior Scientist, Lake Erie Geological Research Program, Ohio Division of Shore Erosion, Assistant Professor of Geology, the Ohio State University, Columbus 10, Ohio (United States)
Pinheiro, Liliana
Pinheiro, Liliana Vieira, National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (Portugal)
Pinless, Sally J., Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Bidston (United Kingdom)
Piontkowitz, Thorsten (Denmark)
Pires-Silva, António, Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)
Pirie, D.M., U.S. ARMY Corps of Engrs. , San Fran. Dist. (United States)
Pirie, Douglas M., U. S. Army Engineer District, San Francisco (United States)
Pirie, Douglas, Consulting Engineer (United States)
Pita, C., WW, Consulting Engineers (Portugal)
Pita, Carlos, WW - Consultores de Hidraulica e Obras Maritimas (Portugal)
Pitt, E.G., Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Taunton (United Kingdom)
Pitt, J.D., Binme and Partners, Artillery House (United Kingdom)
Pitt, J.D., Binnie and Partners, London (United Kingdom)
Pitts, Lloyd, Volkert, Inc (United States)
Plakida, M.E., Wave Laboratory of Moscow Branch of Y/ater Transport Engineering Institute (Russian Federation)
Plakida, M.E., Moscow Branch lof the Leningrad Institute of Water Transport (Russian Federation)
Plakida, M.E., Chef du Laboratoire d'onde de l'Institut Central des Recherches Scientifiques du transport par eau. (Russian Federation)
Plakida, M.E., Branch of Water Transport Institute (Russian Federation)
Plant, Nathaniel, Ocean Admin. Bldg 104, Oregon State University (United States)

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