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Crowley, J.B., Coastal Processes and Management Advice (South Africa)
Crowley, J.B., CSIR (South Africa)
Cruz, Eric C., Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo (Japan)
Cruz, Eric C., University of Southern California
Cruz, Eric C., Numerical Analysis Laboratory, Technical Research Institute, Toa Corporation (Japan)
Cruz, Eric C.
Cruz, Laurenz Luigi
Cuena, G., Direcci6n General de Costas. M.O.P.T (Spain)
Cummins, I., Department of Civil Engineering, Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine (United Kingdom)
Cunningham, Lee S., University of Manchester (United Kingdom)
Cuomo, Giovanni, HR Wallingford (United Kingdom)
Currier, L. W., Geologist, U. S. Geological Survey, In charge Engineering Geology programs in New England (United States)
Curtis, William R., USAE Waterways Experiment Station, Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, 3909 Halls Ferry Rd., Vicksburg (United States)
Czerniak, Martin T., Coastal Processes Branch U.S. Army Coastal Engineering Research Center (United States)
Czerniak, Martin T., Tetra Tech, Inc., Pasadena (United States)

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