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Yu, Z.H., Forschungsstelle Kuste Norderney (Netherlands)
Yu-Fang, Han, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (China)
Yuan, Fang, UNSW Australia (Australia)
Yuan, Jing, MIT (United States)
Yuan, Jing
Yue, Liangyi
Yuen, A.F., Engineering Division, Tetra Tech, Inc./Honeywell (United States)
Yuen, K.B., Department of the Environment (Canada)
Yuksel, Tugce, Yildiz Technical University (Turkey)
Yuksel, Tugce, MAG Engineering Services (Turkey)
Yuksel, Tugce (Turkey)
Yuksel, Yalçın, Civil Eng.Dept., Yıldız Technical University, Esenler, Istanbul, 34220, Turkey.
Yuksel, Yalçın, Yıldız Technical University (Turkey)
Yuksel, Yalcin, Civil Engineering Department, Yildiz Technical University, 34220 Esenler, Istanbul, Turkey
Yuksel, Yalcin, Yildiz Technical University (Turkey)
Yuksel, Yalcin
Yuksel, Yalcin, Yıldız Technical University (Turkey)
Yuksel, Z. Tugce
Yuksel, Zeynep Tugce, MAG Engineering Services (Turkey)
Yumura, Yasu, Kyushu University (Japan)


Zacconi, D., Hydraulic Laboratory - ENEL-PIS (Italy)
Zacharioudaki, Anna, University of the Algarve (Portugal)
Zachry, Brian, AIR Worldwide
Zacks, J. (South Africa)
Zagustin, Konstantin, Hydraulic Laboratory, Central University (Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of)
Zagustin, Konstantin, Central University of Venezuela (Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of)
Zagustin, Konstantin, Universidad Central de Venezuela (Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of)
Zahel, Wilfried, Institut fur Meereskunde, Universitat Hamburg (Germany)
Zakeri Niri, Mahmud, Islamshahr Islamic Azad University
Zambrano-Cruzatty, Luis
Zamorano, Luis, Instituto Nacional de Hidráulica (Chile)
Zampol, James A., Shore Processes Laboratory A-009 Scripps Institution of Oceanography (United States)
Zanden, Joep van der, University of Twente, The Netherlands (Netherlands)
Zang, Jun, University of Bath (United Kingdom)
Zanke, Ulrich, Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany)
Zanke, Ulrich, Head of a research group on Sediment-transport at SFB 79, Universitat of Hannover (Germany)
Zanuttigh, Barbara, DICAM, University of Bologna, V.le Risorgimento 2, Bologna, BO, 40136, Italy
Zanuttigh, Barbara, DICAM, University of Bologna
Zanuttigh, Barbara
Zanuttigh, Barbara, University of Bologna (Italy)
Zanuttigh, Barbara, DICAM - University of Bologna, V.le Risorgimento 2, Bologna, BO, 40136, Italy (Italy)
Zanuttigh, Barbara (Italy)
Zarama, Franciso, University of Notre Dame
Zarranz, Guillermo
Zarzuelo, Carmen, Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research, University of Granada (Spain)
Zawadzka, Elzbieta, Department of Maritime Hydrotechnics, Maritime Institute (Poland)
Zaytsev, Andrey
Zaytsev, Andrey, Assist. Prof.Dr. Special Research Bureau for Automation of Marine Researches (Russian Federation)
Zedel, Len, Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)
Zeevaert, Leonardo, University of Mexico (Mexico)

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