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Wilde, Piotr, Institute of Hydro-Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
Wilhelmi, Jens
Wilkinson, D.L., The University of New South Wales (Australia)
Wilkinson, D.L., Water Res.Lab., Univ. N.S.W. (Australia)
Wilkinson, D.L., Hydraulics Laboratory, National Research Council of Canada (Canada)
Wilkinson, F.L., Maritime Works Branch, Australian Government Department of Construction (Australia)
Wilkinson, R.G., Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Crossway (United Kingdom)
Willems, Arno
Willems, Marc, Flanders Hydraulics Research (Belgium)
Willems, Marc, Flemish Authorities, Flanders Hydraulics Research, Berchemlei 115, 2140 Antwerpen (Belgium)
Willems, Marc
Willemsen, Pim
Willetts, Brian B., University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom)
Williams, A.F., Coastal Structures Section, HR Wallingford (United Kingdom)
Williams, A.F., Coastal Structures section, Hydraulics Research, Wallingford (United Kingdom)
Williams, Chris
Williams, D.J.A., Department of Chemical Engineering, University College (United Kingdom)
Williams, Greg, CERC, Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg (United States)
Williams, Hannah Elisabeth, University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)
Williams, Isaac
Williams, J.J., Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Bidston Observatory (United Kingdom)
Williams, John A., University of California (United States)
Williams, Jon J, University of Plymouth (United Kingdom)
Williams, Peter J., P.R.C. Harris, Inc., Lake Success (United States)
Williamson, Derek
Williamson, Derek, W.F. Baird & Associates Coastal Engineers Ltd. (Canada)
Willis, D.H., National Research Council of Canada (Canada)
Willis, D.H., Hydraulics Laboratory, Division of Mechanical Engineering, National Research Council Canada (Canada)
Willis, D.H., Hydraulics Research Station (United Kingdom)
Willis, D.H., The Hydraulics Research Station (United Kingdom)
Willock, A.F., Hydraulics Research Station (United Kingdom)
Willson, Clinton S, Louisiana State University (United States)
Wilms, Mayumi, Franzius-Institute for Hydraulic, Waterways and Coastal Engineering, Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover (Germany)
Wilms, Mayumi, Franzius-Institute, Leibniz University Hanover (Germany)
Wilson, Basil W., National Engineering Science Company (United States)
Wilson, Basil W., Department of Oceanography and Meteorology Texas A. & M. College (United States)
Wilson, Basil W., Associate Professor, Department of Oceanography and Meteorology, Texas A. & M. College, College Station, Texas. (United States)
Wilson, Basil W., Consulting Oceanographic Engineer, Pasadena (United States)
Wilson, Basil W., Associate Oceanographer, Texas A & M Research Foundation, College Station, Texas (United States)
Wilson, D.J., Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Bidston Observatory (United Kingdom)
Wilson, Eric Montgomery, University of Salford (United Kingdom)
Wilson, Greg, Oregon State University (United States)
Wilson, J.R., Federal Department of the Environment (Canada)
Wilson, James T., Geology Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan (United States)
Wilson, Kenneth C., Department of Civil Engineering, Queen's University, Kingston (Canada)
Wilson, Kenneth W., Department of Water Resources (Canada)
Wilson, Kenneth C., Queen's University at Kingston (Canada)
Wilson, Rick, California Geological Survey (United States)
Wilson, Rick
Wilson, Stephen J., Coastal Research Division Department of Geology University of South Carolina (United States)

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