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Wei, Zhangping
Wei, Zhangping, Johns Hopkins University (United States)
Weichbrodt, Frank, University of Rostock (Germany)
Weilbeer, H., Institut fur Stromungsmechanik, Universitat Hannover (Germany)
Weiser, E.A., Planning and Reports Branch Engineering Division Galveston District (United States)
Weishar, Lee L., Geosciences Department, Purdue University (United States)
Weishar, Lee L., Coastal Processes Branch, Research Division, Coastal Engineering Research Center, Vicksburg (United States)
Weiss, Jérôme, EDF LNHE, LHSV (France)
Weiss, Jérôme, Laboratoire National d'Hydraulique et Environnement (LNHE)
Weiss, Robert, Texas A&M University (United States)
Weitzner, Heather
Weiyi, Xu, Second Institute of Oceanography, National Bureau of Oceanography (China)
Wellens, Peter
Wellens, Peter, Delft
Wellens, Peter, Deltares (Netherlands)
Wells, Donald R., Civil Engineer Corps Officers (United States)
Wells, John T., Dept. Eng. Research, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (United States)
Wells, John T., Coastal Studies Institute, Louisiana State University (United States)
Wellwood, Nicholas, Noosa Shire Council (Australia)
Welp, Timothy
Welzel, Mario, Ludwig-Franzius-Institute for Hydraulic, Estuarine and Coastal Engineering, Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany)
Wemelsfelder, P. J., Rijkswaterstaat, The Hague, Netherlands (Netherlands)
Wemelsfelder, P.J. (Netherlands)
Wemelsfelder, P.J., Rijkswaterstaat (Netherlands)
Wen, Yuncheng
Weng, G.H., Transportation Engineering Department, Institute of Transportation, Minislry of communications (China)
Wenneker, Ivo, Deltares (Netherlands)
Wensink, G.J., Delft Hydraulics (Netherlands)
Wensink, H., Delft Hytfrulics Lab (Netherlands)
Wenzel, Dieter, Department of Hydrology, Amt fur Land- und Wasserwirtschaft Husum (Germany)
Wenzel, Dieter, Amt fur Land- und Wasserwirtschaft D-2250 Husum (Germany)
Werf, Jebbe van der
Werk, Stefan
Werner, Gosta, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
Wesley, Matthew
West, J.R., East of Scotland Water Board (United Kingdom)
West, J.R., School of Civil Engineering, The University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Westcott, Gregory
Westergren, Sofia, Lund University (Sweden)
Westerink, Joannes J., University of Notre Dame (United States)
Westerink, Joannes, University of Notre Dame
Westerink, Joannes
Westerink, Joannes J.
Weston, S.A., Higher and Assistant Scientific Officers, Natural Environment Research Council, Institute for Marine Environmental Research (United Kingdom)
Wevers, A., Delft Hydraulics Laboratory (Netherlands)
Wexler, H.
Wey, George L., Chief Engineer, Port of Boston Authority Commonwealth Pier No. 5, South Boston, Mass. (United States)
Wey, George L., Chief Engineer, Port of Boston Authority, Commonwealth Pier No. 5, South Boston, Mass. (United States)
Weymouth, Olin F., Corps of Engineers (United States)
Whaite, Philip H., Coastal Engineering Branch of the Public Works Department, New South Wales (Australia)

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