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Walker, James R., University of Hawaii (United States)
Walker, James, Moffatt & Nichol, Engineers, Long Beach (United States)
Walker, James R., Moffatt & Nichol, Engineers, Long Beach (United States)
Walker, James, Coastal Engineer, Moffatt & Nichol, Engineers, Long Beach (United States)
Walker, James R., Moffatt & Nichol, Engineers, P.O.Box 7707, Long Beach (United States)
Walker, James Kimo, Moffatt & Nichol Engineers (United States)
Walker, James, Artelia Gulf, P.O.Box 18271, Dubai (UAE) (United Arab Emirates)
Walker, James R., Dept. of Ocean Engineering, University of Hawaii (United States)
Walker, Nicole
Walker, Rob A., Anchor QEA (United States)
Walker, S.A., Department of Civil Engineering, The Queen's University of Belfast (Ireland)
Wallace, B.C., B.C.Wallace & Associates (Australia)
Wallace, Roger, Michigan Water Resources Commission (United States)
Wallet, Andre, Ingenieur au Laboratoire Dauphinois d'Hydraulique (France)
Walling, Katlin, Stevens Institute of Technology (United States)
Walling, Katlin
Wallis, W. Turner, Engineer, Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund, Tallahassee, Florida (United States)
Walsh, Daniel, Arup
Walsh, G., Institut Maurice-Lamontagne, PSches et Oceans Canada (Canada)
Walstra, D.J.R., Environmentek, CSIR (South Africa)
Walstra, D.J.R., DELFT HYDRAULICS (Netherlands)
Walstra, D.J.R., Deltares (Netherlands)
Walstra, Dirk Jan, Deltares / Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
Walstra, Dirk-Jan, Deltares
Walstra, Dirk-Jan, Deltares/ Delft University Of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands (Netherlands)
Walstra, Dirk-Jan R.
Walstra, Dirk-Jan, TU Delft Deltares (Netherlands)
Walstra, Dirk-Jan (Netherlands)
Walstra, Dirk-Jan, Deltares (Netherlands)
Walstra, Dirkjan, Deltares/Technical Univ. of Delft (Netherlands)
Walther, A.W. (Netherlands)
Walther, A.W., Delta Department of the Ministry of Transport and Waterways (Netherlands)
Walther, A.W., Hydraulics Laboratory Delft (Netherlands)
Walther, A.W., Coastal Research Section, Delta Service (Netherlands)
Walther, RĂ©gis, ARTELIA (France)
Walther, Regis
Walton, T.L., U.S. Army Coastal Engineering Research Center, Fort Belvoir (United States)
Walton, Todd L., Coastal Engineering Research Center, U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg (United States)
Walton, Todd L., Marine Advisory Program - Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering Laboratory (United States)
Wamsley, Ty, Coastal Hydraulics Laboratory
Wan, Yuanyang
Wanetick, Jerome R., Ocean Engineering Research Group, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (United States)
Wang, Akira, Ocean Environment Section, Hydraulic Department, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry Abiko Chiba (Japan)
Wang, Benlong (China)
Wang, Dongxu
Wang, Flora Chu, Civil Engineer Consultant, 741 N. W. 36th Street, Gainesville (United States)
Wang, Frederick L.W., National Cheng Kung University (China)
Wang, Gang
Wang, Gang, Hohai University (China)
Wang, H., University of Delaware, Department of Civil Engineering (United States)

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