Kadir Orhan, Roberto Mayerle, Rangaswami Narayanan, Wahyu Pandoe


In this paper, an advanced methodology developed for the assessment of tidal stream resources is applied to several straits between Indian Ocean and inner Indonesian seas. Due to the high current velocities up to 3-4 m/s, the straits are particularly promising for the efficient generation of electric power. Tidal stream power potentials are evaluated on the basis of calibrated and validated high-resolution, three-dimensional numerical models. It was found that the straits under investigation have tremendous potential for the development of renewable energy production. Suitable locations for the installation of the turbines are identified in all the straits, and sites have been ranked based on the level of power density. Maximum power densities are observed in the Bali Strait, exceeding around 10kw/m2. Horizontal axis tidal turbines with a cut-in velocity of 1m/s are considered in the estimations. The highest total extractable power resulted equal to about 1,260MW in the Strait of Alas. Preliminary assessments showed that the power production at the straits under investigation is likely to exceed previous predictions reaching around 5,000MW.


renewable energy; tidal stream currents; numerical model; Indonesia

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