Berna Ayat Aydogan, Nobuhisa Kobayashi, Yalçın Yüksel, Burak Aydoğan


This study aimed to determine beach response in the presence of a vertical wall placed in the run-up zone. The responses of natural beach and the beach with a seawall with two different configurations were studied numerically. The capability and limitation of the cross-shore numerical model CSHORE in simulating the cross-shore transformation and the beach evolution in front of a seawall situated inside the surf zone was examined. Numerical model results were compared with small scale laboratory tests (Yüksel et. al, 2014). Offshore transport was observed in all three tests and the model was shown to predict the same trends in profile evolution. Scour depth in front of the vertical wall was correctly captured by the numerical model.


seawall; CSHORE; beach profile; sediment transport; scour

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