Antonio Corredor Molguero, M. Esther Gómez-Martín, Enrique Peña, Josep R. Medina


This paper describes the design process, hydraulic stability tests and construction of the Cubipod® armored Western breakwater at Punta Langosteira (Outer Port of A Coruña, Spain), located on the Atlantic coast of Spain. The environmental, geotechnical, economic and logistic conditions favored randomly-placed Cubipods for single-layer armoring of the trunk. 3D hydraulic stability tests were carried out to validate the final design of the Western Breakwater; two models were tested with single- and double-layer Cubipod armors in the trunk and roundhead, respectively. Single-layer 25- and 30-tonne Cubipod® armors were used for the trunk section and a double-layer 45-tonne Cubipod® armor was used for the roundhead. During this project, new challenges were overcome, such as constructing a transition between single and double-layer armors, and manufacturing and handling of 45-tonne Cubipods. The transition in the armor thickness was solved by modifying the filter thickness under the main armor, to ensure a homogeneous external armor profile. Breakwater construction finished in November 2016 with no significant problem or delay in the original schedule.


Hydraulic Stability; Armor Unit; Cubipod; Construction; Single-layer; Double-layer; Breakwater

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