Gosse Jan Steendam, Andre Van Hoven, Jentsje Van der Meer, Gijs Hoffmans


Previous tests performed with the Wave Overtopping Simulator showed that objects on dikes may impose a weak spot. To investigate this conclusion further in 2013, within the Dutch program SBW (Strength and Loads on Water Defences), new wave overtopping tests have been performed. These tests were particularly aimed at the influence of transitions between the soft cover layer of clay and grass on dikes with hard structures like asphalt and concrete. In these tests research was performed on the behaviour of the grass cover by wave overtopping at the direct interaction between grass cover and the hard obstacle or cover. Specific tests were performed to determine the critical velocity of the grass covered slope, which is used in the cumulative overload method, and the influence of objects on that. Grass pull tests were also performed with a new developed device and further analysis may give a relationship with the critical velocity.


Dikes, Wave Overtopping, Wave Overtopping Simulator, Grass cover, Grass pulling tests

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