Vasiliki Stratigaki, Peter Troch, Tim Stallard, David Forehand, Jens Peter Kofoed, Matt Folley, Michel Benoit, Aurelien Babarit, Jens Kirkegaard


Experiments have been performed in the Shallow Water Wave Basin of DHI (Hørsholm, Denmark) within the EU FP7 Hydralab Programme, on large farms of up to 25 heaving point absorber type Wave Energy Converters (WECs). For a range of geometric lay-out configurations and wave conditions (regular, polychromatic, long- and short-crested irregular waves), WEC response and modification of the wave field have been measured to provide data for the understanding of WEC farm interactions and for the evaluation of farm interaction numerical models. A first extensive wave farm database is established. The experimental arrangement and the obtained database are presented, as well as results for wave height attenuation downwave of the farms. For long-crested irregular waves, up to 18.1 % and 20.8 % reduction in significant wave height is observed downwave of the 5x5-WEC rectilinear and staggered farm, respectively. Wave height attenuation is expected to be larger, since in practical wave farm applications WECs will be controlled to extract a large amount of power from the waves, and therefore the array will cause larger wave height dissipation. These findings present the ability to combine the harvesting of energy from sea waves with coastal defence systems, resulting in cost reduction for both applications when WECs operate as multi-purpose devices.


coastal protection, wave energy converters, WEC farms, WEC parks, wave height attenuation, floating structures, point absorber WECs, EU FP7 HYDRALAB IV, DHI Shallow Water Wave Basin

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